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'At The Station'
Out on May 13, 2022


Between The Dark And The Light Album Cov

"An impressive late-night listen from a talented storyteller."

"Writes songs in the style of classic artists like Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt. This is country for intellectuals who like to have substance in their music. If you like your country classic, and love meat in your music, then this is a great one for your collection." L.A.


"He’s writing the kinds of songs a whole lot of singers could sink their teeth into. A substantial and soulful songwriter of the highest degree, and a deeply emotive singer, Mr. Lockett is making deeply satisfying music, the kind of music that keeps you going even through the toughest of times." Paul Zollo, American Songwriter magazine.

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"His self-titled debut has been residing on my MP3 player for the last couple of months, and every time I listen to it, I hear something new, and like the album just a little bit more.... there’s great lines in just about every song." Ed Karn, No Depression magazine


I can't fit you all in my living room. So I'm bringing the living room to you...

Is an intimate living room concert series featuring 160+ music videos from 50+ musicians and poets from the eclectic Los Angels roots music and poetry scenes. One camera, one lens, no zooms, no cuts, not even a microphone in the frame. Just a lone shotgun mic overhead, just out of frame, very carefully mixed. Nothing between the performer and the audience.

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American Songwriter: Christopher Lockett Premieres “Jacarandas” by Paul Zollo:

"To herald his new album, American Songwriter is happy to premiere this video for his song “Jacarandas,” which he both directed and shot himself. It features veteran character actors like Helen Siff, whom you might recognize from famous films such as Don’t Mess with The Zohan, The Karate Kid and Hail Caesar!)...The album was recorded in “four sweaty days” during a brutal heatwave in the summer of 2018. Working with producer Fernando Perdomo out of his Reseda Ranch Studios, the album features many great musicians, including, Trevi Fligg on backing vocals and violinist Kaitlin Wolfberg on “Jacarandas.” Also, on the album are Joel Martin on pedal steel, as well as Claire Holley and Kitten Kuroi on backing vocals. Lockett feels fortunate to have completed the album at all... he went into the hospital the next day, felled by the flu, and a mystery bacterium likely picked up shooting in a distant jungle. Fortunately, his recovery was complete, but took many months, and erased all plans of touring...But in December 2019, with much-improved health, and with Kuroi fresh off another Costello tour, Lockett, Perdomo, and the band started over. “We re-released the album. 364 days later,” he said, “same venue, same time slot. I thought it deserved a second chance.”... READ MORE

Crooners in Coffeeshops Interview:

"You know when you read a writer’s work or hear a piece of music and realize they’ve been through the same thing you have? I want whoever is listening to my stuff to know that there’s somebody else out there who has experienced ‘this’ emotion or ‘this’ feeling or ‘that’ experience from a very plain, simple, not flowery, approachable way for them to digest....I want people to take away that there’s something of substance there, that it’s in a quality writing level without insulting the listener’s intelligence, and that it’s also approachable enough that you don’t have to you know go to a thesaurus or go to Google to look up to what I’m talking about." ... READ MORE


Voyage LA: Meet Christopher Lockett of Gritbiscuit Records label in Los Feliz:

"To me, a song is very much like a cheeseburger. Fits in your hand, perfect blend of flavors and textures, totally fulfilling. That is, if care goes into making it. I liken a lot of current pop radio to a drive-thru burger. Consistent, but consistently bland. You know what you’re going to get. But a proper, local, hand-made burger? Sublime. I’m just trying to offer the world a better cheeseburger, knowing the drive- thru will outsell the handmade every time..." READ MORE



TJ Music/ Roots Music Magazine Review: Christopher Lockett “Road Songs For The Restless”

" Christopher Lockett is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose sound lives somewhere between Americana, Folk and Country music. The transplanted Virginian has a really rich voice and this fine sophomore album, Road Songs For The Restless, is full of soulful songs with insightful lyrics from a journalistic minded writer..." READ MORE

American Songwriter: Paul Zollo’s Favorite New Releases

"He writes songs like a much older man, like a songwriter weathered and wearied by the musical life, but with an ample amount of remaining soul. “Heartbroke, Drunk and Restless” starts this party, and it’s a powerful opener..." READ MORE

Pasadena Weekly; Songwriter & Cinematographer Christopher Lockett Celebrates New Album at Matt Denny's:

“I don’t think I’d be happy just shooting all the time and not playing music, or vice versa,” says Lockett, who’s celebrating his third album at Matt Denny’s Tuesday. “I’ve shot on five continents now and I’ve always picked up weird instruments; I played about 10 on my second album [2012’s ‘Road Songs for the Restless’].

“In Africa I’ll sit in with people on djembe. I’ll take jaw harps and harmonicas with me and give them away or trade them for things. I’ll ask local people, ‘Hey, this is what I listen to in the States; what sounds like this around here? What’s folk music? What’s your rock ‘n’ roll?’ I usually find it..."  READ MORE