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American Blues Scene:

"Physically,  Christopher Lockett is a fairly big guy who used to work as a bouncer, played sports in his youth, and can be imposing if he wants to.  “No one looks at me and says, “Yeah, that man…clearly a reader,” he jokes. “You only get that if you get to know me.  Or listen to the songs I’ve written.”

Lockett’s fourth album, At The Station, released on May 13th, is a 12-song story that pairs Lockett with producer Fernando Perdomo and mastering engineer Zach Ziskin for a second time. “Fernando is really good at working with singer-songwriters. His whole process starts with having me sing and play a scratch track of vocals and guitar live to a click track, like I was playing a solo show.  We start building from there. Drums, bass, re-record acoustic guitars, then vocals and other instruments. The finished songs are definitely more listenable and drive pretty hard.”"... READ MORE

Rootstime- (Belgium)

"Op dit album “At The Stations” brengt hij twaalf zelfgecomponeerde nummers die hij in de studio heeft opgenomen met de hulp van producer en multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo op gitaren, drums, bas en keyboards, Korey Simeone op fiddle en dobro, Bob ‘Boo’ Bernstein op pedal steel, Chad Watson op mandoline, Robbie Gennet op piano en Scarlet Rivera op viool. De vrouwelijke backing vocals op enkele nummers worden verzorgd door Kitten Kuroi."


Americana Highways:

"Lockett’s vocals are not similar to the cookie-cut vocalists on country radio. He has a warm distinctive voice between original & traditional. If John Prine teamed up with a backcountry barn dance band this is what he might sound like (“Wet a Line”). Chris isn’t pushing things to sound innovative – he’s true to the genre with merit in each recording.

Hot harmonica blows & there are hard snap beats on the snare. He’s not quite Steve Earle or Lyle Lovett but his relaxed performance leans toward Tom Russell & the late John Stewart. The duetting with female vocalists is a wonderful touch.

Though each song has its own attraction “The Reckoning,” is an ass-kicking beauty. If this is the future of country-folk music they have a great lead vocalist in Chris Lockett."...

Lonestar Time:

"What often emerges from these songs is the genuineness and sincerity of a complete artist who in the course of his life has also been a journalist and photojournalist to then focus on his beloved music. 

The record is however extremely multifaceted and pleasant, opened by an edgy "The Reckoning" which surprisingly recalls certain things by Warren Zevon for inspiration and power."... READ MORE

Making a Scene:

"At the Station is the fourth album for rootsy-blues singer-songwriter Christopher Lockett. He’s a storyteller whose music lies somewhere between hard outlaw country and blues rock. He may be hard to categorize but is undoubtedly a gifted songwriter with insightful and provocative lyrics. 

There are strains of “Not Fade Away” here with a biting lyric – “They want your rhythm but not your blues/Couldn’t dance a step if they stole your shoes.” It’s almost a kiss-off – everything may be messed up so what the hell, let’s just dance as we move “onward through the wreckage.”".. READ MORE

Music Morsels:

"It is always interesting hearing artists turning corporate country on its ear and Christopher Locket body slams it here on his fourth release. You can feel the vibe of second generation outlaw country here, with his gritty and bluesy baritone growl punctuating the lyrics that are both homespun but intellectual, driving the stories home with fervor and honest emotion.

“Sweat Work” makes you feel like this is what would have happened if Buddy Holly had lived long enough to jam with Steve Earle."... READ MORE

Midwest Record:

"This blues rocking walking contradiction has Fernando Perdomo producing and Scarlett Rivera in the mix. Seems in character with what we know so far. This is Lockett's album about loss and while he doesn't quite wear his Townes Van Zandt influences on his sleeve, it might be too dark for some. Showing once again what a deep writer and thinker he is, this is a logical extension for the modernization of classic folk music."... READ MORE

B Man’s Blues Report:

"It's a cool blend of country, folk, rock and blues. Opening with The Reckoning, Christopher Lockett hits square on with military like precision. His vocals are strong and rugged and his electric guitar playing is crisp and bluesy. 

Blues For DeFord Bailey is a super track with Lockett on harmonica commemorating Bailey, the Grand Old Opry standout harmonica player. With solid train style harmonica playing and loose drumming by Perdomo this track fits perfectly. 

Bring Your Love On Home To Me is a solid radio style alt rock track. It really puts me in mind of Frank Black with a strong melody, country sensitivity, with Perdomo on keys and drums and understated guitar lead. Very nice."... READ MORE

Take Effect Reviews

"Christopher Lockett is a man with many talents, and here we’re treated to his songwriting skills, where his baritone pipes, guitar, harmonica and banjo are present alongside a glowing cast of players who bring his very thoughtful stories to life. 

A record that is forthright and touches so much on the human experience, there is much to admire on this very well crafted affair."... READ MORE


Crooners in Coffeeshops Interview:

"You know when you read a writer’s work or hear a piece of music and realize they’ve been through the same thing you have? I want whoever is listening to my stuff to know that there’s somebody else out there who has experienced ‘this’ emotion or ‘this’ feeling or ‘that’ experience from a very plain, simple, not flowery, approachable way for them to digest....I want people to take away that there’s something of substance there, that it’s in a quality writing level without insulting the listener’s intelligence, and that it’s also approachable enough that you don’t have to you know go to a thesaurus or go to Google to look up to what I’m talking about." ... READ MORE


Voyage LA: Meet Christopher Lockett of Gritbiscuit Records label in Los Feliz:

"To me, a song is very much like a cheeseburger. Fits in your hand, perfect blend of flavors and textures, totally fulfilling. That is, if care goes into making it. I liken a lot of current pop radio to a drive-thru burger. Consistent, but consistently bland. You know what you’re going to get. But a proper, local, hand-made burger? Sublime. I’m just trying to offer the world a better cheeseburger, knowing the drive- thru will outsell the handmade every time..." READ MORE


TJ Music/ Roots Music Magazine Review: Christopher Lockett “Road Songs For The Restless”

" Christopher Lockett is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose sound lives somewhere between Americana, Folk and Country music. The transplanted Virginian has a really rich voice and this fine sophomore album, Road Songs For The Restless, is full of soulful songs with insightful lyrics from a journalistic minded writer..." READ MORE

American Songwriter: Paul Zollo’s Favorite New Releases

"He writes songs like a much older man, like a songwriter weathered and wearied by the musical life, but with an ample amount of remaining soul. “Heartbroke, Drunk and Restless” starts this party, and it’s a powerful opener..." READ MORE

Pasadena Weekly; Songwriter & Cinematographer Christopher Lockett Celebrates New Album at Matt Denny's:

“I don’t think I’d be happy just shooting all the time and not playing music, or vice versa,” says Lockett, who’s celebrating his third album at Matt Denny’s Tuesday. “I’ve shot on five continents now and I’ve always picked up weird instruments; I played about 10 on my second album [2012’s ‘Road Songs for the Restless’].

“In Africa I’ll sit in with people on djembe. I’ll take jaw harps and harmonicas with me and give them away or trade them for things. I’ll ask local people, ‘Hey, this is what I listen to in the States; what sounds like this around here? What’s folk music? What’s your rock ‘n’ roll?’ I usually find it..."  READ MORE

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