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A film about landmines, the people who remove them, and hope.

Available on Apple TV, Google Play Tubi and YouTube.

Director:     Christopher Lockett

Featuring:   Dr. David Chandler, Dr. Larry Stock, Tim Rieser, Steve Goose, Bill Morse,

                    Jill Morse, 2010 CNN Hero Aki Ra

Producers:  Christopher Lockett, Alex Ramsey

Distributor:  Indie Rights


The Typewriter (In The 21st Century) Pos



A film about a machine, and the people who love, use and repair it.


Available on Apple TV, Google Play, Kanopy and Youtube.


Director:      Christopher Lockett

ProducersChristopher Lockett and Gary Nicholson

Distributor:  Janson Media


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Film Threat Review By Bradley Gibson: Until They're Gone 

"In Christopher Lockett’s engrossing documentary Until They’re Gone the impact of the Vietnam War on Cambodia is surfaced and revisited in the horrific details of leftover bombs and landmines. The U.S. used intense bombing and landmines to shut down the Ho Chi Minh trail, which ran through Laos and Cambodia, and which the North Vietnamese army used to move troops and supplies into the South....Let’s be honest, the film could have been absolute crap and still would hold your attention with the compelling facts of the situation...The film, however, is not crap, it’s very well made, beautifully photographed, paced, and hits all the right notes without being preachy or manipulative" ... READ MORE


National Association of Film Critics Interview With Christopher Lockett

"The filmmakers who most influenced my style are Wim Wenders, and Les Blank. Sometimes it’s best to step back, let the story tell itself, but to frame, expose, and edit in such a way that a narrative is revealed, the story moves forward on its own terms, without the obviousness of a director’s heavy hand on the wheel. You are choosing every frame, every cut, of course, but hopefully not in a way that intrudes on the story. ." READ MORE

The Washington Post: Watch online: ‘Devil You Know,’ ‘The Typewriter,’ ‘The Fruit Hunters’:

"Lockett makes a convincing case that typewriters aren’t just here to stay but that, as masterpieces of engineering, design and durability, they really never went away....Lockett has made a valuable and persuasive film that keenly balances instruction and celebration — all without benefit of a narrator." READ MORE

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